Friday, December 12, 2008

Time for a return...

What? Two months have passed?

I know. It's crazy.

That time thing flies when you're... well... doing stuff.

Yesterday I had a very good reminder of that...

I was loading my photography directory into Photoshop Elements. It was kind of shocking when it told me there were over 10000 pictures in the directory. Pretty much every picture that we've taken in the last five years is sitting in this directory.

Yes, that's a little scary. Our entire last five years in photos... Our entire relationship... from day one to today... Is sitting in this directory. Really, if I ever lost this directory, over 10000 pictures would be gone forever.

Well, there are likely 1000 or so of those pictures on Flickr... but still.,

Aside from that one thought though... the whole process transfixed me. As it loaded the pictures into the program, it displayed a thumbnail of each picture. They flashed through at maybe 5 pictures a second.

It was truly a movie of the last five years. The amazing thing about digital pictures being that for every one you show, you take five more that just sit there. More or less the same picture... but not quite as perfect as the rest. In the days of film, you never would have done this... it's a waste. But when it's only hard drive space, it's not a big deal.

The effect of this as they were flashing through was actually quite astounding though. There were entire mini-videos of various points of times. Weddings, parties, special moments, and more than a few cat pictures.

It was really entrancing. It took twenty minutes to load them all up. Over that 20 minutes, my eyes didn't leave the screen once. Didn't leave that little box.

It was one of those moments when I sat back and really realized just how lucky I am. To be alive. To have a wonderful caring wife. To do the things that we do. To have the dreams that we have. The thoughts of those five years flashing before my eyes... and the realization that I'm lucky enough to have a unknown number of them still ahead.

Well... all that and the fact I need to back up my photos. Hehe.

We'll hopefully get back into updating things a little more soon. Just had to stick my toe back in the pond.