Friday, May 16, 2008

My Turn

Jon keeps asking if I've posted, and I keep saying no. Not a good way to start a co-blog. Anyway, the May long weekend has started, the weather is beautiful, and so naturally I'm inside blogging. Hmmm... something's wrong with my logic there.

We just got back from a quick bike ride around the neighborhood doing some errands, including a stop at the local hardware store to pick up the last few things we need for our little indoor garden. Yay! Yes, we're building an indoor garden with a 4-foot grow light, because our plots at the community garden aren't big enough, we want quick things like cut-and-come-again lettuce and herbs to be handy right here at the house, and we have NO DIRECT SUN on our property. Lots of beautiful trees, but sadly, no sun. Hence the grow light. Pictures to come soon!

We also stopped to pick up a temporary permit for my car for the weekend. We took her off the road again a couple weeks ago. (She'd been back on for 10 months after 2 years off prior to that when we lived downtown.) We both just got new bikes, and we live half a block from 4 bus lines, so we really couldn't justify the cost (or the emissions) of keeping her on the road any longer. So we cancelled our insurance and joined the car co-op. (Why not just sell? I imported her from the US two and a half years ago, and to import a car tax-free, you can't sell it for three years. We'll see what we think in the fall when my three years are up. Right now we're leaning toward selling.) Tonight we're taking an ORANGE Yaris down to Bellingham for a Girlyman show! I don't know if I'm more excited about seeing Girlyman so close to home (even closer than Seattle!) or driving an orange car!

Ok, enough for now... off to finish our little garden contraption. We had to design it pretty carefully so the cats wouldn't eat all of our yummy plants. Darn vegetarian cats!!
Monday, May 5, 2008


Time flies. Quickly. Events happen in a flash and then are gone. Our world demands things to be fast. Demands that we work our hours per week...

40... 50... 60?

That we take our two or three weeks per year off... as long as that's convenient for the company.
That we move in the established rhythms of the society flashing around us. That we don't really know our neighbours. We don't give a second thought to that person walking down the street. In fact, if you dare to meet eyes with that person in the street, society dictates we look away.

I realized once that this is not how I want to spend my life. I don't want to be completely disconnected from the people and world around me. I don't want to spend my life working however many hours a week making more money for a nameless corporation.

That my life was worth more than that.

So I took different paths. If it was expected of me to go one way, I'd go the other. If the things I believed in were thought of as crazy by my friends, by my family... I'd do them anyways. Staying true to my beliefs.

Which leads us to today. The beginning of this blog. The beginning of a story.

An interesting story I hope.

The interesting parts of this story at the moment are two:

One, this is not the beginning of the story. This story is already in progress. In time I will speak more of the beginnings of this story... but for now we'll join it as a work in progress.

Two, the story itself. This story is about myself and my wife. The two of us, as we learn more about ourselves, about each other... and about our eventual goal.

Our goal of moving from BC to Bergen.

I mean for this to cover more than just that... but that hopefully will be the common thread throughout. Why? How?

Questions for another time.

Today I will leave it at that and welcome you to the fold. I hope you enjoy our ride.