Tuesday, November 24, 2009

252000 Seconds

I think that it's only right to say, in the spirit of insane countdowns... That I now have a mere 252000 seconds of work until our epic vacation begins.

To put that in perspective, back when I started my countdown... I had 3384000 seconds to go.

That's a lot of seconds.

So yes... *cue music*

It's the final countdown!

Dah da dah da
Dah da da da!

(only right as the band Europe is from Sweden, http://blip.fm/~gt3sd)

Think we're actually pretty much ready as well. There's still a thing or two to nail down. Haven't quite decided where we're staying our three nights in Iceland. Haven't decided what book I'm going to read on the flight... You know, the important things.

In all truth, this is probably the most highly planned trip to Europe I've ever taken. That isn't even the effect of my lovely wife. Just a natural reaction to the way all the pieces fell in place.

So we've got to knock down the check list, gather up all the arctic gear... Organize my camera bag...

Very soon. I just wonder now how many seconds less it is to the trip since you started reading my ranting... *wink*