Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Like most, I'll freely admit, I hate moving.

Yet it looks like that is what we're about to do again.

Now, the bigger move, the name of this blog... that's not something I'm worried about at this point. It's still a few years out. It's the mini-moves before that get to be too much.

We had planned to stay where we are for a few years... but then of course the circumstance changes. A few things we don't like, a commute that's a little too much, a landlord possibly selling the house...

So we have to take things into our own hands. Control our own fate before it gets chosen for us.

This means we're on the hunt.

The frustrating, annoying, barely hold onto your sanity hunt.

Our two sweet cats (well one of them is sweet anyways) become a major crutch in the epic quest. Every ad, no pets. No this, no that. I grit my teeth and move on.

The prices.

Let me say (and not be the first), Vancouver is insane. There are many reasons I'll always love Vancouver and yet not want to live here long term. Housing prices, definitely one of them. It's a whole other blog in itself.

So I get out my hunting spear, put on my loin cloth, cross my fingers and hope that we just happen to cross into that perfect pad.

Or even not half bad would be alright.
Monday, June 9, 2008

our gardening adventure continues...

IMG_6309, originally uploaded by KingToast.

we finally went down to the garden this weekend to check on our stuff. at last count, we have over 30 kinds of vegetables and herbs going this year, between the two garden plots and the little indoor grow-light setup. full list and more pictures later this week.

also in this photo is my cute little city bike. with the weather finally starting to turn (and turn back, and turn again, and whine, and then turn again) and the car off the road indefinitely, we're using our bikes a lot now. it feels good to get around the city on our own power!

i find this whole salmonella scare with the tomatoes very interesting. we did just go through this with the spinach, right? when will we learn? if all of our tomatoes weren't grown by a very small handful of industrial farms, we wouldn't have this problem. see that tomato plant in the picture? no salmonella. promise.


fine poetry, indeed...

"an ode to jon (and my macbook)" by beth

jon is so awesome
he bought me a macbook pro
it is so pretty

"aren't haikus supposed to reference nature?" by jon

see a butterfly
dance like a funky robot
beth likes her macbook